Kevin Hill-Pet Painter

Posted on March 25, 2014 at 1:30 AM

Are you an animal lover? Do you love covering your walls with pictures of your pets? Then boy do I have the man for you!!! Kevin Hill is an animal lover and he sure can paint a pretty picture. I first met Kevin at Pet Food Express where he was displaying some of his artwork. I was BLOWN AWAY at the quality of his work. He truly captures the essence of your pet in his painting. His protraits are so life-like it is easy to confuse the oil painting with a photograph. But upon close inspection you can see the dedication in his brush strokes and his selection of color. While at Pet Food Express, he was working on a protrait of two dogs. The canvas was blank when he arrived, but by the time he left later that day, one whole dog was done. The expression in the dogs eyes is what kept me gazing at the portrait. I could not wait to see the finished protrait. Trust me when I tell you that his portraits are ASTOUNDING and you must have one of your pet. For more information visit Kevin's website at or like him on Facebook

Here is the information from his website:

My name is Kevin Hill and I paint pet portraits!

"One of my favorite parts about my pet painting is the personal connection my work has for my clients. I try to accent the most defining details and get to the spirit of the animal I am painting."

I work from reference photographs to create real paintings on canvas. If you would like to have a pet painted by me contact me via email [email protected] or call me (310) 469-2830.

I work in several different size ranges but my standard size is a 16 X 20 inch canvas.

This beautiful painting is of Julep, Savannah and Beauregard-acrylic on canvas

Lucy- acrylic on canvas

Kevin's cat-acrylic on canvas

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